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Through Mr. Big brand, we wish to show the quality, comfort and originality of our products. To perform these conditions,we always take into consideration the latest fashion trends and our customers requirements. Our goods are intended to all ages, especially to dynamic people and to those who appreciate quality.

We use high quality materials to make premium products. New models are the result of the work of a devoted and very well trained designers team. Each new model is a challenge for the entry team, uniting us, the final result being the satisfaction of our customers needs. The ascending portfolio of our clients is the proof that our products ar becoming increasingly popular and more and more apreciated by the final clients.

Our mission is achieving the loyalty of our partners and customers.

Our slogan is:



                                                                              Best regards,

                                                                              Mr.Big team.

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It is important to select the proper size when buying underwear!

Mr. Big 2015

New trends, new colors and models in 2015!


Our task is to produce quality products!


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